free postapocalyptic fiction, Lights Out

I was looking through PA fiction recommendations when someone provided a link to this free eBook download of a book called Lights Out. While I am not finished with it, it is definitely entertaining (especially for free).

The story takes place after Muslim terrorists decide to explode nuclear devices above our atmosphere, using the nukes more for their ability to wipe out the electronic gridwork than the destructive force of the bombs. Not only do the nukes take out all the power grids, cars, etc, but the ability to put everything back in working order is going to take much longer than the government wants to let on. Time passes and people become more and more desperate. One small community decides to stick together, fortify their neighborhood, and stick it out as best they can. While the writing is often cliche-laden, it is fun enough for free. Check it out here:


new postapocalyptic film, Shank

From the UK, there is a new flick coming out called Shank. From what I can find on the internet, it looks like this movie is about a young gang surviving in the dystopian future.

The movie is set for release in the UK on March 26, 2010. One site says it sounds like a reboot of The Warriors. And that sounds good to me…

George Romero’s Survival of the Dead

As much as I almost want this film to just disappear, it won’t. George Romero’s 6th zombie film, Survival of the Dead, is slated for an online release at the end of April. Normally, I would be shaking with excitement, but based on the trailer (and reviews from a few film festivals that showed this film) are leaving me less than excited. Whatever, I will still watch it. However, I wish he would get started on the next film.

man, can’t wait for Walking Dead

You got to give it to AMC, at least they were smart enough to ride the zombie wave and actually have some balls. They have decided to pick up a television series based on “Walking Dead,” Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book.

The comic is amazing and chronicles the month and years following a zombie apocalypse. Rather than go with some no name talent, they are doing it right and using filmmaker Frank Darabont (“The Shawshank Redemption”) to write and direct. He did a great job adapting and writing a different ending for The Mist so I am definitely excited to see what he does with this great material.

Initial reviews of the first script for the pilot are very promising, revealing that the show will have enough gore and storyline to keep both horror fans and drama fans happy. Again, I can’t say how excited I am to see what they do with this show. It could be the beginning of a bunch of zombie/postapocalyptic television series, providing it is successful.

new postapocalyptic game, Metro 2033

With the success of Fallout 3 and Borderlands, videogame developers are beginning to listen to postapocalyptic lovers and their request for more games in a PA setting. Metro 2033 is a new first person shooter coming out in the next month or so that puts you in future Moscow, where the world has been destroyed by one form of war or another.

According to a video game blog I went to, Metro 2033 is based on a cult novel of the same name, and has you take the role of Artyom as you go into the Metro system of the future, to warn the remaining survivors of yet another impending threat.

Here is the latest trailer I was able to dig up. It looks pretty good:

Book of Eli

Wow, finally Hollywood is putting some big money (and star power), behind a postapocalyptic flick that takes risks (unlike say 2012).

Book of Eli received mix reviews but there was no way I was going to pass up an opportunity to see big-budget apocalypse on the big screen. I can say that I left the theater satisfied.

The film starts off with some amazing visuals and a well orchestrated fight scene. the Hughes brothers, Denzel, and the rest of the cast do a good job with the material. Since the plot revolves around Denzel’s character taking the slow route (as in 30 years slow) crosscountry with the last remaining bible, I was worried about it being overly religious. Thankfully, the Hughes brothers don’t overdo the religious parts, though some may argue differently about the “twist” ending and its implications.

Overall, the film is beautifully shot with lots of well acted fight scenes. If postapocalyptic films are your thing, check this one out.

reboot of BBC Day of the Triffids

I think it was the 1970s, but regardless, a long time ago, the BBC did a television series adaption of the book, The Day of the Triffids. I love the book and I have been meaning to check out the miniseries sometime in the near future. I just saw this interesting news: apparently, the BBC is doing yet another television readaption (in this version, more of a reboot). Quiet Earth has some stills available and the show is set to air overseas December 27 and 28, which will mean I will be able to download it soon after. I think I may see this version first, since I can imagine the older television version is probably pretty dated, especially considering the story requires some pretty intensive special effects.